How to raise your child

child_1But first, what is a well behaved child? Is the model child who must not repeat 10 times a day the same sentence or  Can we reduce education to politeness? If that was the case, the parents would not pose as many questions! So, between the fear of being too severe, as our grandparents, and the fear of being too relaxed, like our parents, what are the new educational principles that can be of help for parents today?

In education, it often refers to the one we have given our own parents, whether one is for or against. But the world today is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Unemployment, insecurity, conflicts … In our uncertain society, the family is becoming a safe haven, “the most important thing in their lives” for 82% of Americans (IFOP poll-May 2014). In this context, it is understandable that parents want to press “pause” in the evening and do not live with their children conflicts as exhausting as stressful.

And even if they have some talent to push us to the end, we love these small, we love them more than anything! We marry less and less often for life – divorce statistics prove it – while with our kids, at least, it is certain that it’s solid. Blended families are becoming more now! Is it not normal that we always want to offer the best to our little love? Temptations abound in our consumer society: there is the pub that shows us that happiness is to buy … and cronies of the playground that show our kids that happiness is the game latest video art, candy “seen on TV” or celebrity sneakers!

Well-educated parents are well-educated children

When addressing the topic of education as a reference guide, Laurence Pernoud ,a well known specialist in child education  titled one chapter of his book “the silent education.” Understand that the facts child_2are as important as the words to our children like a red light ad driving, it’s not very credible when then requires that our children wait for the little green man before crossing! One of the great principles of education, so “do as I say and do what I do.”
But to educate a child, you are not alone. We can not emphasize enough, parents should stay together on the education front. Basic rule: you never disavowed the other parent to the child. At worst, after a discussion, if we do not agree, at best, it is stated before on what we want to instill in our offspring. Something that is not always easy to do.
And in the case of separation, the dialogue between the two parents is even more critical. Although daily life is punctuated by alternating, it is crucial that the child keeps fixed benchmarks and feels that his parents talk to him with one voice.

White teeth and makeup, what to know.

white_teethHaving  sometimes becomes an obsession. We watch some celebrity smile in photographs or in the mirror and say we’dwhite teeth like it to be brighter, whiter. To give the illusion that we have white teeth like those of Eva Longoria,this article will help you with the newly  found makeup tips that will enhance your lovely smile.

White teeth or the obsession of a perfect smile

Today, white teeth are a definite criteria of beauty in our society. The techniques for whitening teeth multiply and offer more or less quick and effective results in the short or the long term. For those who do not wish to invest in a tooth whitening for fear or for economic reasons, there are makeup tips allowing the teeth to appear whiter.

White teeth: is the solution make-up?

For a whiter than white smile, so here are some tips from which to choose that makeup that can help to create the illusion:

The sunbathe: Apply your preferred cream on the cheeks or on the bridge of the nose this is not only useful for giving the impression that you come back from a sunny holiday. If you are a fan of sunbathing, know that its dark color will also allow you to create contrast with your skin tone and color of your teeth to make them whiter.

Eye makeup: When someone has yellow teeth, it is important to draw attention to another part of the face so they do not become an obsession. So it is to make your eyes the most elaborate part of your make-up that gives the impression that you’ are not worn on your smile. Therefore, do not be afraid to wear flashy colors on the eyes, dare blue, green, plum, and people will look only on your eyes.

Vaseline: Vaseline would be a pretty effective tool to have a brighter smile, it is at least an old grandma’s secret. How? By depositing a very thin layer on your teeth to make them brighter. Vaseline also creates a barrier on teeth to prevent them getting dirty  due to coffee or staining foods we eat every day. However, we advise vaseline on the teeth, it should not be super comfortable.

The highlighter: You will discover the contouring lips, so loved by makeup artists! For whiter teeth in appearance, be aware that you can apply the highlighter around your lips to enhance them. Apply your lip liner with your gloss, preferably relatively light color (pale pink or light red), then highlight your lips with a highlighter that will give the illusion of more luscious lips and white teeth. blue_lipstick

The blue lipstick: Yes girls, you know, the blue lipstick is scary. But for those who dare, bartering the classic red to deep blue can offer you an incredible smile in 2 minutes. Blue is the perfect hue to offset any of your  yellow teeth . Certainly this tip is for more adventurous of us, but on our website, we have no doubt that our readers will take the plunge …! Joking aside, if you are not fervent about this type of colors, you can absolutely choose a red lipstick with blue sub-tones. This will whiten teeth by optical illusion.

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